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Thieves know where to look, so hide your firearms right in front of their eyes.

I would be willing to bet that there are guns in your closet right now. Thieves are also fully aware of that fact. They know to look in your closet, underneath the bed, the couch, the hutch, the kitchen drawer, they know where you keep them.

You need a better hiding place, you need a Hideagun.

The Hideagun serves two distinct purposes. To make firearms easily accessible in an emergency, and to safely conceal any weaponry that you own.

A gun safe is great for keeping your valuable goods and firearms locked away from children and sticky fingers, but defending your loved ones requires quick and decisive action. Trying to open a safe can cost you precious time in a situation of imminent danger.

Hideagun comes in two distinct sizes. The 11 x 14 handgun model grants the owner nearly instant access to almost any type of hand held firearm. The larger 30 x 57 model can hold a multitude of long rifles and pistols alike, while retaining the same fast and easy access of the smaller size.

Each unit is custom built to match your specifications. You choose the picture, the stain and a finish that match your home's unique d├ęcor. The wife can be happy with the new picture on the wall, and you can have a sense of security knowing what is hidden behind it.

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