Q: Can I put my own picture in?

A: You can take your own picture and blow it up to an 11x14 and replace it by removing 2 screws

Q: How is the holster attached?

A: It is screwed to the back so don't worry about coming loose.

Q: 57x30 Can i put my own picture in?

A: Yes if you email me at least a 8 mega pixel picture I can put your own pic in it will be in black and white.

Q: 57x30 Can I get a color picture?

A: Yes it will add about 100.00 to the price. At least a 8 mega pixel pic.

Q: 57x30 Will the hardware scratched my long guns?

A: they are plastic coated

Q: 57x30 Is the hardware adjustable?

A: Yes they are attached by wood screws.

Q: 57x30 How do I attach it to the wall?

A: Its takes 6 to 9 2" wood screws. Mark your studs on the wall open it up raise it and start one screw and level and add screws.

Q: I own rifles will they fit with my bolt in?

A: You will need to remove your bolt I'll send you a strip of velcro to cut and put a screw in and make a loop and drop your bolt in. That works great.